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Cloud computing is defined as a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.

In cloud computing, the word cloud (also phrased as "the cloud") is used as a metaphor for "the Internet," so the phrase cloud computing means "a type of Internet-based computing," where different services — such as servers, storage and applications — are delivered to an organization's computers and devices through the Internet.

Cloud computing is comparable to grid computing, a type of computing where unused processing cycles of all computers in a network are harnesses to solve problems too intensive for any stand-alone machine.

Dedicated servers run your virtual private cloud at one of our three world class datacenters in Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi. Run your choice of Hypervisor platforms on dedicated servers, safe in the knowledge that no other company shares your server infrastructure. You can even go one step further and have your servers physically secured in our infrastructure. Restricted access enforced with multiple layers of security and regulated with biometric security and access cards makes sure no one gets near your hardware.

How it works

The goal of cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing, or high-performance computing power, normally used by military and research facilities, to perform tens of trillions of computations per second, in consumer-oriented applications such as financial portfolios, to deliver personalized information, to provide data storage or to power large, immersive online computer games.

To do this, cloud computing uses networks of large groups of servers typically running low-cost consumer PC technology with specialized connections to spread data-processing chores across them. This shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of systems that are linked together. Often, virtualization techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.

Complete Security

Each AKRB customer gets a dedicated Cloud Hypervisor for complete security and stability. No component of the entire infrastructure is shared by another client. There is even physical security for the servers running your Private Cloud, with restricted access to them within our already highly secure Tier-4 Datacenters. All our Datacenters have six layers of security; with armed guards, baggage scanning, mantraps, biometric access control and round the clock closed circuit camera monitoring. With our Private Cloud Solutions, you have complete peace of mind.

Better prices

Private Clouds aren’t cheap, but AKRB has some of the best deals available. Our size gives us huge economies of scale, which translates into aggressive pricing. In addition, you pay for only what you use, no need to over-purchase. Switch to the Private Cloud for the Cap-Ex savings, switch to AKRB for Op-Ex savings as well.

Cloud Computing in the Data Center and for Small Business

Cloud computing has started to obtain mass appeal in corporate data centers as it enables the data center to operate like the Internet through the process of enabling computing resources to be accessed and shared as virtual resources in a secure and scalable manner.

For a small and medium size business (SMB), the benefits of cloud computing is currently driving adoption. In the SMB sector there is often a lack of time and financial resources to purchase, deploy and maintain an infrastructure (e.g. the software, server and storage).

In cloud computing, small businesses can access these resources and expand or shrink services as business needs change. The common pay-as-you-go subscription model is designed to let SMBs easily add or remove services and you typically will only pay for what you do use.

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