Ques 1. - What is the quality of man power you have?

Ans 1. - > We are having a very good team with strong technical skills.
> Our people are very strong for software projects.
> Most people are from premier engineering institutes (IIT, RECetc.) or have proven exceptional abilities.
> Most Project Leads have 10+ years of experience and having offshore and onshore development experience.

Ques 2. - What benefits can you guarantee?

Ans 2. - All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:

Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential
Price guarantee: Minimum 60% cost-saving over on-site development
Support guarantee: Full supports to our clients
Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end

Ques 3. - What are your rates or charges?

Ans 3. - Rates vary, depending on work nature and we discuss it after analysis.

Ques 4. - What are your payment models?

Ans 4. - We work either for fixed-price projects, or on per-hour rates basis. For long-term committed clients who prefer time-based billing, we also offer a monthly rate.

Ques 5. - How do you assure confidentiality?

Ans 5. - Before starting the work, we sign NDAs and confidential agreements required by our clients.

Ques 6. - We are worried about quality; how do you assure successful projects?

Ans 6. - Our team is dedicated to producing quality work. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-through. We concentrate on being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Every project goes through the hands of suitable QA/testing professionals, under stringent test-plans including black-box testing, white-box testing, test regression, usage analysis etc.

Ques 7. - We are worried about support after development; how do you handle this part?

Ans 7. - We have a separate team for this work and our clients are very satisfied with our services.

Ques 8. - Why should we trust you?

Ans 8. - We believe in quality, transparency and commitment for our clients. We are always available to our clients for any help and service. You are open to cross check this with our clients available on our site.

Ques 9. - Can you come on our site?

Ans 9. - Yes we have this practice before starting any project. This is very useful in requirement gathering, development of the project and implementation of the same.

Ques 10. - How do we keep ourselves informed about progress?

Ans 10. - We always send the progress reports of the project on daily basis and some times have a face to face interaction. We are always in touch with our client on phone and emails.

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