Cargo Management System

AKRB is a leading cargo and logistics management software services provider company in india. Our cargo and logistics management software is a complete software for your business and has all types solution for cargo and logistics.

Cargo and logistics management software has a endless features.


(1) Sales Automations
The functional coverage and packaging of webCMS is such that it addresses the current and future cargo business needs of company.

(2) Operations Automations
It is an integrated, multi-hosting system which addresses cargo reservations, capacity control; load planning, cargo terminal operations rating, cargo pricing, cargo revenue accounting

(3) Billing Automation
It provides a full proof and automated billing cycle and facilitates the individual to generate its own bills.

(4) Customer Service
The product design supports innovative business models and is built on a flexible architecture that enables carriers to respond quickly and efficiently to changing customer needs.

Cargo management system is a desktop application

Cargo management is a desk top application, gives you the freedom of brilliant operational speed. It has the back end of SQL for Windows at the client machine and developed in C# to assure that the application works well even in low configured systems as well. The learning curve is minimal since most of us are familiar with Windows as the operating system. Since SQL is open source data base, it again helps invest less in the software environment for the application. Cargo management carries all the advantages of a Desk top application with the versatility of an online solution.

User friendly local data backup

Cargo management is capable to back up the data to the local disk through its desk top application. Any user with backup permission can save regular backups of the whole database in your own computer for peace of mind. We too suggest a local data backup, it is good to restore the same much faster than recovering from the server through the unique Automatic Online Data Restoration feature of Cargo or Logistics.

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