Inventory Management System

Inventory management is the active control program which allows the management of sales, purchases and payments.

Inventory management software helps create invoices, purchase orders, receiving lists, payment receipts and can print bar coded labels. An inventory management software system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue for your company. The Inventory Management will control operating costs and provide better understanding. We are your source for inventory management information, inventory management software and tools.

(A Complete Inventory Package)

Production Planning and Inventory Control

This Package is really important for any production industries, and we have designed this package keeping all the factors in a production industry, this package give you the actual status of your stock.

The Package helps you to plan your production which raw material to be use to create the finished product of different type, Keeps the record of all the raw material in stock. The Package keeps the track of all raw material used for production.

The package also keeps the track of material sent for job work.

Key areas of the package

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