Record Management System

The business of documents, records and information management continues to become increasingly complex as new technologies emerge and companies change the way they do business. That’s why it’s important to consider new and alternative ways to manage your company’s information.

AKRB has developed and introduced a very efficient web based solution for record management companies. This application automates all the operations activities of a record management company. This records management software (RMS) manages all kind records like data, documents, files, media tapes etc. This application provides a customized records indexing system using your filing conventions and retention policies -then use our state of the art bar code based technology to precisely log and track each container or individual file.

What is the process of record management system?

Records Management application can help you to improve your service and lower your costs for the following operational process of your company –

Business Operation of RMS

This application can be customized as per the client’s needs & requirements and allows you to manage your business records and information more effectively.

Benefits of record management system?

The Web based application enables record management companies & their customers to access their records information. This application can be used simultaneously by an unlimited number of users and requires no special programs installed at their location. Utilization of the application increases customer satisfaction and management productivity resulting in lower costs and better returns.

Record management system advanced capabilities

The Record Management System offers a full range of advanced features including:

Scanning and digital imaging

The application has the capability to store & retrieve the scanned documents on demand. This module allows you to digitally scan and deliver documents in minutes. You can instantly transmit the electronic digital file directly to your customer. Alternatively, your clients can make requests and view electronic images on-line.

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